Ohio girl, 7, finds porn DVD in Ninteno Wii video game case



Mackenzie Blankenship didn't understand why Santa left an X-rated surprise in the case of a new video game she got for Christmas.



Wednesday, January 4, 2017, 11:18 AM

Merry XXXmas.

Mackenzie Blankenship, 7, opened “Splatoon,” a Nintendo Wii game she got for Christmas, to find an X-rated disc called “Sensual Seductions 2” in the case instead.

The family spoke to Ohio’s NBC affiliate WLWT5 about the incident and the girl’s mother, Krista Greider, said she was both “confused and very upset” about how this happened.

“I looked over her shoulder and I grabbed it,” Greider said. “[I] saw the picture on it and she was just ‘Why? What is that? Why are they naked?’”

Model and Property Released (MR&PR)

A DVD of "Sensual Seductions 2" was in the case for Nintendo Wii U game "Splatoon."

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Blankenship couldn’t understand why Santa had given her a naughty gift.

“I was really upset,” Blankenship said. “I said, ‘Why did Santa get me this?’ [MY MOM] had to tell me it wasn't him.”

Blankenship’s mother did her best to explain, trying her best to keep her daughter from crying.

Krista Greider wants to know how a porn dvd made it's way into a

Krista Greider wants to know how a porn dvd made it's way into a "Splatoon" case.


“I want to know how it happened and make sure that it goes up the flagpole and that Nintendo is made aware of it,” Greider said.

Greider said she bought the game at Target and reached out to them on social media after discovering what was in the game case. The store has since gotten back to her with an apology and a gift card offer. However, Greider is still not satisfied and hoping for a better explanation.Send a Letter to the Editor

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