Pup who gnawed off own leg saved by Brooklyn animal shelter staff


Pup who gnawed off own leg saved by Brooklyn animal shelter staff
Pup who gnawed off own leg saved by Brooklyn animal shelter staff

A severely injured German shepherd has a new leash on life thanks to the workers at a Brooklyn animal shelter.

Animal Control Officer Feraz Mohammed spotted the pooch — tied to the front door of an Animal Care Centers of NYC facility on Linden Blvd. at 6 a.m. on Saturday.

Mohammed was on his way into work when he saw the big-eyed canine.

“The dog was tied to the fence in front of the shelter,” Mohammed said. “The dog was friendly and approachable, but when I called the kennel attendant, I saw the blood on the floor. His leg from the elbow was missing.”

The 1-year-old puppy, who Animal Care Centers workers are now calling Buddy, was immediately rushed into surgery. Vets repaired his leg as best they could.

Further surgeries will be needed and Buddy may have to have his entire hind leg amputated, said Animal Care Centers Medical Director Robin Brennen.

Buddy was wounded after a wire, wrapped around his hind leg just above the ankle, cut off the blood flow to his lower leg and paw.

The wire was on for so long that part of the extremity died.

Buddy was trying to gnaw off part of his leg after someone had wrapped a wire tightly around it, preventing blood from flowing.

(Animal Care Centers of NYC)

Buddy gnawed off that part of his leg, Brennen said.

The animal is now on the mend, Brennen said.

“I’m sure he’s going to make a full recovery,” she said.

Animal Care Centers officials do not know if Buddy was abused, but someone did bring him to their facility, and may know what happened to him.

“People bring animals to the facility all the time, but they rarely just leave them outside, especially ones that are injured,” Mohammed said. “Hopefully he is going to go to a good home.”

Animal Care Centers cares for thousands of stray animals a year. The agency has hit the ground running in 2018 by facilitating 100 adoptions in the first week of January alone, officials said.

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