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No. 7 line losing express service for weeks in Queens


No. 7 line losing express service for weeks in Queens
No. 7 line losing express service for weeks in Queens

It will take Queens commuters a bit longer to get around soon — as part of the No. 7 line will be losing express service, the Daily News has learned.

There will be no nonstop train between 74th St.-Broadway to Queensboro Plaza between Feb. 17 and March 12, according to transit paperwork.

The service change is because the Metropolitan Transportation Authority has to fix the supports holding up tracks at the 61st St.-Woodside station and to do so, the express track has to be removed.

No. 7 train riders have had constant outages and diversions as the MTA installed its complex, modern signaling system, called Communication-based Train Control.

“I think not having express service for that period of time is going to cause a huge hardship for the riders,” said Melissa Orlando, director of a nonprofit Access Queens and founder of a Facebook group called 7 Train Blues. “I think it’ll cause more delays for people, which is certainly still in an inconvenience. But the structural work needs to get done.”

Express service will run from Main St. to 74th St., while local No. 7 line riders will see more trains rolling through their stops, according to the MTA.

“Many riders will not be impacted, but we will of course accommodate riders as needed,” said MTA spokesman Shams Tarek.

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