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EastEnders: Will Ronnie and Roxy Mitchell be killed off tonight? History could repeat itself in water death shocker


EASTENDERS favourites Ronnie and Roxy Mitchell will be killed off on the BBC soap tonight according to reports.

The start to the new year in 2017 might not be the happy celebration they were hoping for, despite Ronnie being set to wed Jack Branning in tonight’s episode.

In a special hour-long episode of the BBC One soap, Ronnie will become Mrs Branning once again amid rumours she is being killed off.

But will the wedding go to plan, and will the pair exchange their vows with a shock death or two tipped to feature in shocking scenes?

[undefined]EastEnders Spoilers: Roxy and Ronnie Mitchell are rumoured to be killed off in upcoming scenes [BBC]

It’s thought New Year’s Day will see Ronnie and her sister Roxy Mitchell bow out of the soap, with the axed characters set to die.

With this year marking 10 years in Walford for the pair, it’s being kept secret just how the Mitchell sisters will leave and what their fates will be.

But this isn’t the first festive season where Ronnie and Roxy have faced turmoil – Christmas and new year for the girls has been pretty dramatic over the past decade!

Friday, December 23, 2016

EastEnders New Year spoilers 2016: Ronnie Mitchell and Jack Branning's wedding

Friday, December 23, 2016

Ronnie Mitchell and Jack Branning prepare to tie the knot on New Year's Day [BBC]

EastEnders Wedding Spoilers: Ronnie Mitchell and Jack Branning prepare to tie the know on New Year's Day

Check out all of the EastEnders spoilers from Ronnie Mitchell and Jack Branning's wedding as they prepare to tie the knot in the New Year

The fan favourites have had their fair share of near-death experiences, with the Mitchells rallying together when in danger.

[undefined]EastEnders Spoilers: Will Ronnie Mitchell and sister Roxy die in tonight's episode? [BBC]

Here, we remember some of the most shocking moments over Christmas that could tease tonight’s outcome.

Baby swap storyline

[undefined]EastEnders: Ronnie Mitchell featured in a controversial baby swap plot [BBC]

Viewers were shocked on New Year’s Eve 2010 when the BBC One soap tackled a controversial baby swap storyline.

As the characters brought in the new year, Ronnie was left distraught when she discovered her lifeless baby boy James in his cot.

He had tragically passed away from Sudden Infant Death Syndrome.

But it’s what came next that sparked complaints across the country, as a devastated Ronnie took action when she heard Kat and Alfie Moon’s baby boy Tommy crying.

Not wanting to lose another child after the death of her daughter Danielle, Ronnie made the shocking decision to swap James with Tommy, making it look as though Kat’s son had passed away.

The storyline was eventually cut short with the truth revealed in Albert Square after fans were outraged by what happened. 

Sean Slater tries to kill Roxy

[undefined]EastEnders: Sean Slater and Roxy Mitchell nearly died when they fell into an icy lake [BBC]

Things came to a head for lovers Roxy and Sean on New Year’s Day 2009, with her almost dying. 

Their relationship had turned sour after Sean learned that Roxy’s daughter Amy was Jack Branning’s child and not his own.

On Christmas Day he kidnapped baby Amy, before finally returning her a week later.

But Sean asked Roxy to flee with him, and Amy, only for Ronnie and Jack to set chase.

[undefined]EastEnders: Ronnie Mitchell dived in to save Roxy when she nearly died in an icy lake [BBC]

Roxy was left horrified when Sean revealed his plans to kill himself and his family, wanting them to be together.

In order to protect her daughter, Roxy lured Sean out onto the ice only for it to break and the pair fell under and became trapped.

Ronnie dived in to save her sister, but there was no sign of Sean – until the character emerged in the distance and Roxy told him to leave.

With rumours the sisters will drown, could tonight's episode mirror New year's Day 2009?

Dean Wicks tries to assault Roxy

[undefined]EastEnders: Dean Wicks attacked girlfriend Roxy Mitchell [BBC]

Roxy struck up a romance with Dean in 2015 on the BBC soap, and stuck by him despite Linda Carter’s revelation that he had raped her.

In shocking scenes on the soap last year, Dean raped his half-brother’s wife before claiming they had slept together with her consent.

After months of torture for Linda, the truth finally came out but Roxy refused to believe the claims and stood by him.

In a terrifying twist of events on the show over Christmas last year, Roxy finally saw her boyfriend’s true colours when he tried to rape her.

She decided to break up with him so he forced himself on her, only for his mum Shirley Carter to walk in and stop him.

Roxy was left terrified by her ordeal, later confessing to Linda and going to the police to report Dean.

Archie Mitchell’s death

[undefined]EastEnders: Archie Mitchell was murdered on Christmas Day 2009 [BBC]

There was no love lost between Ronnie and her father Archie, following the shocking revelation that he had sexually abused her as a child.

Archie made many enemies during his time on the Square, so the list of suspects behind his murder on Christmas Day 2009 was pretty long.

Ronnie was a suspect, as was his former sister-in-law and then wife Peggy Mitchell after he tried to scam her.

Roxy was the only one truly devastated to lose her father in the whodunit plot, with Stacey Slater, now Stacey Fowler, revealed to have murdered him after he had attacked her.

EastEnders continues tonight at 7pm on BBC1.

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