Emmerdale fans left 'uncomfortable' as Pierce Harris rapes Rhona Goskirk in shocking consent storyline


EMMERDALE viewers were left “uncomfortable” over a shocking new storyline for Rhona Goskirk.

In tonight’s “disturbing” episode of Emmerdale, Rhona was raped by her partner Pierce Harris who wasn’t aware his actions were wrong.

After she rejected his earlier marriage proposal, Pierce came onto his girlfriend hoping to spend the night with her.

But Rhona told him she wasn’t in the mood for sex, telling him no and making it clear she wasn’t going to sleep with him.

Pierce then ignored her and carried on kissing her, making it clear he wanted to have sex even though she had said no.

[undefined]Emmerdale viewers were left 'uncomfortable' over Rhona Goskirk and Pierce Harris' new plot [ITV]

As Rhona tried to push him and away, Pierce appeared to pin her down and the pair eventually had sex without her consent.

While Rhona wasn’t seen fighting him off or, she was clearly distressed and even taken up after they had slept together.

Monday, November 28, 2016

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Monday, November 28, 2016

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As Pierce placed his hand on her shoulder she flinched, with Rhona clearly shocked by the incident.

Many viewers were unsure how to react to the episode, with some questioning whether it was rape.

As some took to Twitter to blast Pierce’s actions, others confused they didn’t know if it was consensual or not.

One viewer commented: “This is very uncomfortable to watch.  He can clearly see that she is uncomfortable, why is he continuing?”

[undefined]Emmerdale viewers were left 'uncomfortable' as Pierce Harris raped Rhona Goskirk [ITV]
[undefined]Emmerdale viewers were left 'uncomfortable' as Pierce Harris slept with Rhona Goskirk without her consent [ITV]

Another said: “Pierce is disgusting!” as one commented: “She said no, Pierce.”

Many others echoed this tweet, pointing out that Rhona has not agreed to sex.

Several other viewers commented on the scenes, with one viewer saying: “Oh that was awful. Rhona was saying no.”

Another wrote: “#Emmerdale just got disturbing,” as one said: “Oh no poor Rhona.”

[undefined]Emmerdale: Rhona Goskirk turned down Pierce Harris' marriage proposal [ITV]

Viewers were told about the storyline last month, but it wasn’t revealed whether Pierce would actually go through with his actions.

It also wasn’t made clear whether Rhona would be raped until the scenes played out in tonight’s episode.

In the fallout of the shocking scenes, Rhona is unnerved during a conversation with Brenda and Tracy about sex.

Their encounter leaves her worried about what happened between her and Pierce the previous night.

[undefined]Emmerdale: Pierce Harris has shown a dark side towards Rhona Goskirk before [ITV]

Pierce proposed to Rhona tonight, but she rejected him saying it was too soon – with her still being married to ex Paddy Kirk.

He was left humiliated when Paddy learned she had rejected him, with the scenes leading on to his shocking assault. 

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