Hollyoaks: Explosive new 2017 trailer reveals 6 shock storylines to expect this year


HOLLYOAKS have released it’s 2017 trailer and there are BIG things to come for the Channel 4 soap.

We’re barely over the horrific news that long-serving cast member Amy Barnes is to be killed off in a dark and mysterious storyline this year.

Or the shocking fact that Louis Loveday is the father of Leela Lomax’s baby.

But Hollyoaks is never one to rest on its laurels and they have released a brand new trailer which teases whats to come in 2017.

And by the looks of things, the residents of the Chester village are in for a bumpy ride.

Here are 6 explosive storylines we learnt from the thrilling trailer.

Body in the lake

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Hollyoaks: Then and now - in pictures

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

McQueen family in 2006 [C4]

See how the cast have changed...

[undefined]Hollyoaks trailer: Tegan makes a shock discovery [Lime Pictures]
[undefined]Hollyoaks trailer: Is killer Cameron set to strike again? [Lime Pictures]

Tegan, Leela, Peri and Courtney head off to a cabin in the woods for some girly bonding time.

But nothing would have prepared them for the discovery of a dead body, of which Tegan finds in the lake.

Who is the unlucky person?

The girls’ trouble is not over however as a seething Cameron is eerily lurking, still furious at the fact that Leela’s baby is not his.

Is Cameron already lining up his next victim?

Mercedes and Ryan’s affair exposed?

[undefined]Hollyaoks trailer: Is Mercedes and Ryan's affair set to be exposed? [Lime Pictures]

With Goldie McQueen and Ste Hay having already rumbled their affair, you’d think that Ryan and Mercedes would be more careful.

But the new trailer shows John Paul is now aware of their fling.

With his relationship with Amy at stake, Ryan has a lot to lose.

But will John Paul keep quiet? Or will he expose the truth to prove his ex Ste right?

Nancy’s diagnosis

[undefined]Hollyoaks trailer: Nancy and Darren receive devastating news [Lime Pictures]

The teachers wold comes crashing down after she’s diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis after month of suffering.

With two children to cope with, a distraught Nancy worries about what the future will hold for her and Darren. 

Will her husband stand by her? Or will her condition drive them apart?

Tragedy for Ryan

[undefined]Hollyoaks trailer: Ste wages war on Amy as the battle for their children continues [Lime Pictures]
[undefined]Hollyoaks trailer: Tragedy strikes when Amy barnes is found dead [Lime Pictures]

Tensions continue to mount between Amy and Ste and they battle over their children Leah and Lucas.

Things soon get explosive when a snarling Set tells Amy he wishes she were dead.

However, its the case of you get what you wish for as the end of the trailer reveals that Amy has been found dead! 

Was Ste somehow involved in his ex girlfriend’s demise?

Eva and Liam flee the village

[undefined]Hollyoaks trailer: Liam and Eva attempt to escape Grace's wrath [Lime Pictures]

After discovering that Eva was the one who shot Esther, a vengeful Grace is out for blood. 

With Grace on the warpath, lovebirds Liam and Eva decided to flee the village. 

But will they escape, or will Hollyoaks see yet another death?

Celine’s disappearance

[undefined]Hollyoaks trailer: The Hollyoaks residents are unaware that she was murdered by Cameron [Lime Pictures]
[undefined]Hollyoaks trailer: Celine McQueen's love interest Jesse is arrested over her disappearance [Lime Pictures]

With the villagers thinking that Celine is on holiday in Thailand, her body still lies undiscovered after she was brutally murdered by Cameron.

However, a dark discovery leads to a police investigation which see’s Celine’s love interest Jesse Donovan being arrested.

Is Cameron set to get away with murder once again?

Hollyoaks continues weekdays at 6.30pm on Channel 4.

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