Celebrity Big Brother: Heidi and Spencer Pratt cause trouble already as they target Stacy Francis with nomination bombshell


CELEBRITY Big Brother 2017 duo Heidi and Spencer Pratt have already sparked trouble in the house following last night’s live launch.

Vowing to shy away from the drama this time around, the US stars appear to have already gone against this claim.

Last night saw US singer Stacy Francis emotional as she was targeted by the All Star housemates in a live twist.

They had been asked to “edit out” one housemate of their choice, with Calum Best, Nicola McLean, James Jordan, Austin Armacost and Coleen Nolan among the stars helping Speidi decide.

The group targeted Stacy, and she was forced to don a beige tracksuit and miss out on the launch night party.

[undefined]Celebrity Big Brother: Heidi and Spencer Pratt plot against Stacy Francis [Channel 5]

In tonight’s show, viewers will see the fallout of the incident and things already get tense between Stacy and Spencer.

As Bianca Gascoigne and Nicola check on Stacy, Spencer warns them it’s against the rules.

Wednesday, January 04, 2017

Celebrity Big Brother 2017

Wednesday, January 04, 2017

Stacy Francis gives a rude gesture when she is chosen by the rest of the Celebrity Big Brother housemates to be "edited out" [Channel 5]

Celebrity Big Brother 2017 spoiler pictures Stacy Francis gives middle finger

Rumoured Celebrity Big Brother 2017 stars are spotted arriving at a secret hotel

When Spencer himself then goes to talk to her, he appears to mock her for feeling sad about being picked.

He tells her: “This show is insane! They already broke you down a little bit. You’re in the lead! 

“Everybody will be in a bad spot and you started in it and you already got the advantage. It’s a game!” 

An unimpressed Stacy responds: “I didn’t think come in thinking I’d just chill, you make a lot of assumptions Spencer! I’m OK.”

[undefined]Celebrity Big Brother: Stacy Francis was not happy to be 'edited out' [Channel 5]
[undefined]Celebrity Big Brother: Heidi Pratt and Stacy Francis look tense as they discuss Spencer [Channel 5]

After the awkward chat, Heidi decides to speak with Stacy to stay out of her and Spencer’s tension.

The girls agree they don’t want to have an issue with each other – but things look tense in pictures.

She later confesses in the garden: “I want to re-nominate Stacy.”

Spencer then admits he had every intention of winding up Stacy when he spoke to her earlier on.

[undefined]Celebrity Big Brother: Stacy Francis appears to have it out with Heidi Pratt [Channel 5]

The housemates are fully aware of this though – surely it can’t be long before Speidi push someone over the edge?

In the Diary Room, Austin, who blasted the pair before going into the house, confesses he was going to give them a chance.

He tells Big Brother: “I’m going to give Heidi & Spencer an opportunity to prove to me that they are decent people.

“I already think Spencer is a complete d******d! I know what to expect from Speidi.”

[undefined]Celebrity Big Brother: Bianca Gascoigne comforts Stacy Francis in tonight's episode [Channel 5]

Later on, Speidi are int he Diary Room and Spencer promises: “Stacy has a bad attitude! She is going to be my number one on my nomination list. We’ll give her the benefit of the doubt for now.”

Celebrity Big Brother continues on Channel 5 tonight at 9pm.

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