Celebrity Big Brother sparks race row after black housemate Stacy Francis is 'edited out' during task


CELEBRITY Big Brother has been caught up in a race row as fans accuse All Star housemates of racism after Stacy Francis is edited out.

The drama kicked off following Tuesday night’s launch show saw the All Star housemates made ‘Producers’.

Taking them to a separate room, Big Brother informed the group they they would be using previous storylines to make decisions and create tasks.

They would also have to watch the remaining housemates entrances and ‘edit out’ who they think is the least entertaining housemate.

The unlucky person would then be treated differently and excluded from key moments throughout the secret mission.

[undefined]Celebrity Big Brother: Stacy Francis was devastated to learn that she would be edited out of the show [Channel 5]

The All Stars consisted of Spencer Pratt, Heidi Montag, Calum Best, Jasmine Waltz, Coleen Nolan and Nicola McLean and Austin Armacost.

And after a discussion, they decided to pick Stacy Francis, who just so happened to be one of the only two non-white housemates. 

Wednesday, January 04, 2017

Celebrity Big Brother 2017

Wednesday, January 04, 2017

Stacy Francis gives the middle finger after being edited out [Channel 5]

Celebrity Big Brother 2017 spoiler pictures Stacy Francis gives middle finger

Rumoured Celebrity Big Brother 2017 stars are spotted arriving at a secret hotel

Strictly Come Dancing star James Jordan spoke of the decision, saying: “she’s going to kick off more when she’s edited out.”

Following the move, viewers flooded Twitter with complaints that Stacy was edited out because she was black.

[undefined]Celebrity Big Brother: Jasmine Lennard and James Jordan helped make the decision to edit Stacy Francis out of the show [Channel 5]

Some also added that housemates were trying to make Stacy adhere to the ‘angry black woman’ stereotype. 

“I’m really PRESSED right now. First they don't bring back Tiffany & now they edit out the ONLY black woman. Stacy deserves better! #CBB,” ranted one person.

While another shared: “Stacy got picked because she was a black female. Know that. #CBB.”

A third wrote: “Stacy edited out in a slave master seeming decision making so she can come back angry and fit the "angry black woman "narrative #CBB.”

[undefined]Celebrity Big Brother 2017: The producers chose to edit out the person who they deemed the least entertaining [Channel 5]

A fourth said: “Nah but the way Stacy was edited out was wrong. Feel sorry for her. But I feel this is strategic as black woman = angry black woman. #CBB.”

A fifth commented: “#CBB setting #CBBStacy up to come across as an 'angry black woman' on the show!!”

“The black female is about to get singled out already and it's only night one #CBB”, tweeted another person. 

With another adding: “What a surprise @bbuk! A gang of white "all-stars" editing out the only black woman because "she'll kick off." That bulls**t stereotype #CBB."

Following the shock decision, Stacy looked utterly devastated at being singled out.

Not softening the blow, Big Brother then told her: “You have been edited out.

[undefined]Celebrity Big Brother: Furious viewers have accused the show of racism after black housemate Stacy Francis was edited out [Channel 5]
[undefined]Celebrity Big Brother: Big Brother dropped the huge twist on the housemates during Tuesday's launch show [Channel 5]

“This means that you will not receive your possessions, you will wear a beige tracksuit at all times, and you will be excluded from all key moments within the house, starting now.”

Stacy was also made to sit outside in the cold garden while her fellow housemates enjoyed a party. 

However, Stacy is not set to be on her own for long as CBBBOTS host Rylan Clark-Neal revealed that the producers will shortly be picking another person to be edited out.

Celebrity Big Brother continues tonight at 9pm on Channel 5. 

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