From Trainspotting to Game of Thrones: Celebrity Big Brother's James Cosmo's most memorable film and TV roles


JAMES Cosmo is a surprise addition to the Celebrity Big Brother line-up considering he already has an illustrious film and TV career.

[undefined]James Cosmo has joined Celebrity Big Brother 2017[Getty ]

The Scottish actor entered the CBB house on Wednesday night, as one of the "new stars" alongside Ray J, Brandon Block and Bianca Gascoigne.

James stands apart from these housemates - as well as the "all star" returning celebs like Heidi and Spencer Pratt, James Jordan and Callum Best - because, well, his career hardly needs the boost from a reality TV show appearance.

[undefined]James with Emma Willis on launch night [WENN]

A quick look at his IMDb page shows a long list of past, present and future film and television roles that have earned him critical acclaim and cemented his position as a strong British actor. 

Here's a few of his most famous appearances on the small and silver screen...

Role: Ser Jeor Mormont

Mormont was the Lord Commander of the Night's Watch and father of exiled Sir Jorah Mormont (Iain Glen). He was a mentor to Jon Snow (Kit Harington) but was killed by his own mutinous men at Crastor's Keep.

Wednesday, January 04, 2017

Celebrity Big Brother 2017

Wednesday, January 04, 2017

Nicola McLean suffers an awkward wardrobe malfunction as she enters the Celebrity Big Brother house  [Rex]

Rumoured Celebrity Big Brother 2017 stars are spotted arriving at a secret hotel

Role: Father Kellan Ashby

[undefined]James as Father Kellan Ashby in Sons of Anarchy [Fox]

Ashby appears in season three as the cousin of Cameron Hayes, who conducts the True IRA's gun-running deals with the Sons in the US. He's morally corrupt, despite his religious garms, and is killed by Jimmy O'Phelan. 

Role: Father Christmas

[undefined]James as Father Christmas in The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe [Disney]

He played St Nick in the film adaption of the CS Lewis book, opposite Tilda Swinton and James McAvoy

[undefined]James as Glaucus in Troy [srgzrg]

Role: Glaucus

Glaucus was a leader of the Trojan army who dies by the hand of Sean Bean's Odyssesus during the Sack of Troy.

Role: Colonel Sutch

[undefined]James as Col. Sutch in The Four Feathers [Miramax]

A military man who Heath Ledger's Harry Faversham goes to for advice after he is given four feathers of cowardice after resigning his own military post.

Role: Mr Weston

[undefined]James has Mr Weston in Emma [Miramax]

The closest neighbour of Gwyneth Paltrow's Emma Woodhouse, husband of her former governess Miss Taylor (Greta Scacchi), and father of Frank Churchill (Ewan McGregor).

Role: Renton's dad

[undefined]James Cosmo as Renton's dad in Trainspotting [Miramax]

Playing Ewan McGregor's dad again in the cult classic, he'll be back once more in Danny Boyle's sequel T2.

Role: Campbell

[undefined]James as Campbell in Braveheart [dzfgzdg]

He was the father of William Wallace's best mate Hamish, and brother-in-arms to William's dad.

Role: Angus MacLeod

[undefined]James as Angus in Highlander [EMI Films]

Angus was the cousin of Connor MacLeod (Christopher Lambert) and saved him from being burned after his immortality is discovered.

Role: Jamie

[undefined]James as Jamie in Battle of Britain, 1966 [United Artists]

One of James's earliest roles, the film about the Royal Air Force's defence of the United Kingdom against Hitler's German Air Force attacks during WWII starred Michael Caine, Ian McShane and Laurence Olivier.

James also has a few good roles coming up inclusing SS-GB, opposite Kate Bosworth and Aneurin Barnard, which is a mini series set in a parallell universe where the Nazis won WWII and a British homicide detective is investigating a murder in German-occupied England.

He will also appear opposite ex-Game of Thrones stars Ed Skrein and Natalie Dormer in the film In Darkness, which Natalie also co-wrote the script for.

Obviously you can watch him on Channel 5 in Celebrity Big Brother too.

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