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Fox Business Network's Neil Cavuto Doesn't Want Donald Trump On His Show


Fox Business Network's Neil Cavuto Doesn't Want Donald Trump On His Show
Fox Business Network's Neil Cavuto Doesn't Want Donald Trump On His Show

Cavuto wants to make it known that he's not itching for another Trump interview.

In a bit of theater that sought to simultaneously send a message to his audience, the White House and the corps of media reporters that see the Fox News Channel and Fox Business Network as a monolith, Neil Cavuto used his show on Tuesday to let Donald Trump know that he's not lining up for an interview.

"I have not asked for a sit down with the president," Cavuto said on the Fox News show Your World with Neil Cavuto. "I don’t want a sit down with the president. I know that sounds crazy. That’s not because I like dislike the president … I see little to be gained getting him for the customary 10 minutes now or adding my name to the long and impressive list of people who’ve already interviewed the president, including a lot of great people here."

During Tuesday's segment, Cavuto went through sort of a greatest hits of his Trump criticism, including past segments during which he suggested that it was unwise for the president to attack members of his Cabinet and Republican senators.

It's unusual for a cable news anchor to come out and say that he or she doesn't want to interview the president. While the president has his critics on CNN and MSNBC, most hosts would do an interview with Trump simply because of the news value and audience it would generate.

Bret Baier, who anchors FNC's straight-news show Special Report, made a plea on air in late August for Trump to join him for an interview. Baier told The Hollywood Reporter in early September that his team is coordinating an interview with the White House, but that interview has not yet materialized.

In contrast, new primetime host Laura Ingraham told THR that she'd have Trump on quickly and had him on during the first week of her new show, even faster than she had suggested it would happen.

Cavuto, of course, has interviewed Trump in the past, but his last interview with him was more than a year ago.

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