Pointless: contestant gives MAJOR eye-roll of disgust as pal makes epic blunder


A POINTLESS contestant has been spotted showing major disgust at her teammate after she cracked under the pressure on the hit gameshow.

[undefined]Pointless: Mariam couldn't hide her shock at Sarah's answer [BBC]

The show follows contestants as they give the most obscure answers to general knowledge questions.

And in the very first round, students Mariam and Sarah were asked to name any country that ends with two consonants in the hilarious clip – and it was Sarah’s answer that sent Mariam over the edge.

Sarah, who is a history student and 'geek society' member, claimed she did Geography at A-level – but gave host Alexander Armstrong the shocking answer “Paris”, which is neither a country nor ends in two consonants. 

And Mariam’s look of disgust was immediately apparent, giving the biggest and most obvious eye-roll and she gasped at her pal’s funny response.

[undefined]Pointless: Mariam couldn't believe what had happened [BBC]

Sarah exclaimed: “I don’t know, I can’t think of anything! I’m having a blank.”

And, ever the professional, Alexander attempted to calm down the situation, saying: “Don’t worry. Really, don’t worry. 

Tuesday, January 03, 2017

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“A, I wouldn’t be at all surprised if there aren’t several 100 scorers in this round, and B, it’s always tough going on that first podium, so sorry to put you under that pressure Sarah.”

But cheeky co-host Richard Osman added: “Always the worst place to be, that first podium.

[undefined]Pointless: Mariam gave a MAJOR eye roll at Sarah [BBC]

“They are not going to like that in geek society. That’s all I’ll say.”

Some fans took to Twitter to show how hilarious they found the footage, with one writing: “Best eye roll on a quiz show from Mariam when her partner Sarah said Paris #pointless.”

Countries that end with 2 consonants. Sarah: Paris. Sarah's team mate Mariam: Eyeroll with jaw on floor thinking ‘wtf’” laughed another.

“The girl on #Pointless' epic eye roll at her teammate for giving 'Paris' as an answer about countries ending in 2 consonants!” wrote a third.

[undefined]Pointless: Alexander Armstrong calmed down the situation[BBC]

It comes after another recent bombshell on the massively popular gameshow – after it was revealed that Richard Osman's trusty laptop was revealed as a PROP, that had never been turned on. 

Richard always rests his hands on the device and viewers have assumed that the computer is used to research answers at the end of each round.

However, it has now been reported that the laptop is a prop. 

According to reports, the laptop is not even plugged in, let alone switched on during the gameshow. 

[undefined]Pointless: Richard is always seen with a laptop in front of him [BBC]

A TV source revealed to The Sun: "The computer has never been switched on and Richard doesn’t even know what’s on it.

"He arrived on set and found it there and has never been asked by producers to do anything with it but use it as a prop.

"The machine is not even plugged in to anything.

"The only people who touch it are the cleaners and prop masters who come in to dust it during recordings."

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