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EastEnders: Viewers left seriously emotional as Jack Branning breaks down after learning of Ronnie's shock death


EASTENDERS viewers were left devastated as Jack Branning discovered his wife Ronnie tragically died.

Following the tragic events of last night which saw sisters Ronnie and Roxy Mitchell drown, it was up to Jack’s brother to break the devastating news.

At the start of the episode, Max is seen emerging from the hotel room, wondering where Roxy has got to. 

The Branning brother then proceeds to look around the hotel, as the sounds of sirens blare in the background.

However, after a lovely night of fun and celebrations, Max is set to face a wave of devastation is set to have a huge impact on the residents of Albert Square.

[undefined]EastEnders: It was up to Max Branning to break the devastating news to his brother Jack [BBC]

And after learning the shock news, he then had to inform his brother Jack that his new bride had died. 

Later, Jack is seen sitting on the sofa struggling to take in the news, with his brother Max standing in the doorway watching over him.

Friday, December 23, 2016

EastEnders New Year spoilers 2016: Ronnie Mitchell and Jack Branning's wedding

Friday, December 23, 2016

Ronnie Mitchell and Jack Branning prepare to tie the knot on New Year's Day [BBC]

EastEnders Wedding Spoilers: Ronnie Mitchell and Jack Branning prepare to tie the know on New Year's Day

Check out all of the EastEnders spoilers from Ronnie Mitchell and Jack Branning's wedding as they prepare to tie the knot in the New Year

Max and Jack haven’t always seen eye-to-eye, but the brothers could do with having each other around right now.

It was recently revealed that Max Branning had been self-harming following his time in prison for the murder of Lucy Beale.

[undefined]EastEnders: Jack Branning was left distraught at the shock news [BBC]

But Max will have to stay strong for his brother's sake.

With Jack breaking down utterly distraught, it was then up to Max to break the news to everyone else.

What then followed was a ripple effect as the residents of Albert Square learned the truth about Ronnie and Roxy.

Of course the Mitchell family were the most devastated with Sharon, Phil, Louise and Ben seen breaking down in tears at the deaths. 

After watching the emotional scenes, viewers flooded Twitter with comments about how upset they were.

“@bbceastenders This is So Emotional so sad #EastEnders,” said one person.

Another said: “Why am I crying at EastEnders ffs.”

A third added: “Jack is breaking my heart on EastEnders.”

A fourth commented: “I’m traumatised by #EastEnders so sad.”

Another wrote: “EastEnders is hurting my heart man, imagine.” 

A sixth said: “EastEnders is bringing tears to my eyes omg.”

With another adding: “I’m sat here tearing up over Eastenders.”

Roxy and Ronnie lost their lives after they drowned in a swimming pool following the wedding.

As Roxy jumped in first, Ronnie was going to jump in straight after but trouble with her wedding dress meant that she didn't.

After noticing that her sister wasn't saying anything, Ronnie turned around to see Roxy lying at the bottom of the pool.

In a bid to save her, Ronnie dived in straight after her but her efforts to save her younger sister was hindered by her own wedding dress which in turn killed her when she became trapped in it.

EastEnders continues Tuesday at 7.30pm on BBC One.

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