Internet reacts as mum draws toddler's eyebrows on: 'Your baby girl’s brows are better than mine'


MUM who drew her two-year-old daughter's eyebrows on has sparked a social media meltdown.

[undefined]Mum shares her toddler's eyebrows on social media [Facebook]

One mum made the decision to draw her toddler's brows on after she took interest in her mother's make-up.

Sharing her beauty skills one Facebook, the parent wrote: "When your two years old and your brows are on fleek."

The post quickly got nearly 1000 likes and over 100 comments, most of which praised the mum.

But despite revealing she hadn't used wax or tweezers and only applied make-up, some criticised the mother.

Commenting, one social media wrote: "You girls are clearly too young to understand. Yes, I do have children and would have never of dreamed of putting make-up on them at the age of two.

[undefined]Mum with her two-year-old daughter  [Facebook]

"Ask any responsible adult that isn’t a teen. This is just so wrong on so many levels and is not fun.

"And your two-year-old asking you to draw her some eyebrows on is just another sign of a generation gone wrong."

However, the majority jumped to her defence: "People should stop being so butthurt about this. It's not like her mother forced her.

"Instead, she came up to her and asked. Of course her mother could have said no, but why?

[undefined]Mum says her daughter's brows are on fleek [Facebook]

"They ended up having some quality time with each other, they had their innocent mother-daughter-fun. And there's nothing wrong with that."

Another added: "I’m absolutely jealous right now. Your baby girl’s eyebrows are better than mine."

"What a gorgeous little girl you have. I can’t wait to do makeup on my two girls – that’s if they sit still," wrote another.

Speaking to The Sun, the mum explained: "I was just doing my make-up and she picked my eyebrow stuff up and asked if mummy could do her eyebrows.

"So I said OK, lay down and i’ll do it. She laid there so quietly the whole time and just let me do it, which I was shocked about. She was clearly enjoying herself.

"I went wrong a couple of times too, so had to wipe off and start again which she was absolutely fine about.

"When I was done she looked in the mirror and said 'Alisha bootiful'."

So cute!


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