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ASOS are selling men's choker necklaces and the Internet is struggling with it


ASOS have started a controversial new fashion trend for men.

[undefined]Men's chokers for men are being sold on ASOS [ASOS]

The popular online store has gone all fashion-forward thinking on us and launched men's chokers.

The necklaces – which were hugely popular among celebrities last year – don't appear to be going anywhere for 2017.

In fact, it looks like they're going to become the next trend for men, as ASOS are selling a whole range from pink velvet to gold matte.

But despite ASOS making a big move to sell gender fluid clothes, which can only be a good thing, the Internet can't deal.

[undefined]The men's fashion trend is causing a stir on the Internet [ASOS]

With hundreds of tweets rolling in dedicated to the cause.

"2017 PLEASE, PLEASE STOP TRYING TO MAKE MEN'S CHOKERS A THING!" wrote one social media user.

Another added: "Men's chokers I'm all for it but like also why can't they just be unisex chokers tbh?? Why weren't they also for men to begin with."

One tweeted: "Brb ordering 6 of those men's chokers bc they look rad."

[undefined]The choker trend was big in 2016 [ASOS]

"Men's chokers.... I'm done. Bye." added another.

It comes as no surprise that people are struggling with the new trend, as at the end of 2016 many people called for the choker trend to end.

Forever 21 became the centre of Twitter's joke after it launched a choker that resembled a neck brace.

The huge choker – which included a zip – was featured on a model showcasing a Star Wars Baseball Jersey, but nonetheless social media went into meltdown over it.

It sparked a new movement on Twitter calling for an end to 2016's signature trend.

Reactions to the chunky necklace at the time, included its likeness to a neck brace and fury at the company for being so "extra".

"Why is forever 21 so extra though? I mean, I'm down for a good choker but this is BEYOND," wrote one Twitter user.

Another added: "LOL im dead. @Forever21 definitely taking the choker game too far."

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