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Pregnant Danielle Lloyd reveals true extent of her son Archie's counselling as she prepares to give birth to her fourth child


DANIELLE Lloyd gets excited as her due date arrives and her pregnancy journey almost comes to an end.

It's officially my due date month!It's officially my due date month! [Danielle Lloyd]

Hey guys,

I’m so tired today! I was awake at 4am this morning and couldn’t go back to sleep. I think I’ve got insomnia, I’m just restless all the time. 

However, it’s officially my due date month, I’m so excited, I can’t wait! I want him here now, I’m a bit nervous about the birth, I’ve forgotten what the pain feels like, so, I don’t really know what to expect.

I’m a bit stressed at the minute with the house move and stuff, things just aren’t going to plan so it’s a bit difficult. I’m living out of boxes and I can’t get things prepared for the baby at the moment.

My mum’s been really good though, she’s taken George and Harry for the week so I’ve just been left with Archie. He’s been playing football with his friend next door all day and all night, so I’ve been kind of child free.

Although, Archie’s friends stayed over last night and I was starting to worry I might go into labour, I would have had to have taken the neighbour’s children with me - they would have been traumatised!

Danielle Lloyd: pregnancy diary

Monday, July 17, 2017

Danielle Lloyd: pregnancy diary

Monday, July 17, 2017

The mum-to-be is heaped with praise as she's still able to fit into an old pair of jeans eight months into her pregnancy [Instagram]

danielle lloyd baby bump

Inside Danielle Lloyd's pregnancy diary as she's expecting her first child with fiancé Michael O'Neill

Danielle Lloyd's bump is very low meaning the baby should be coming soonIt's officially my sue date month [Danielle Lloyd]

Archie’s counselling

I told you all last week that my eldest son Archie was having counselling because he’s struggling at the moment, he’s very clingy to me and my fiancé Michael and is really scared of one of us leaving.

I had a really good response after opening up about it, it’s not something that most people would talk about. I think it’s important for someone in the public eye to make it normal, and point out that it’s not something you should be ashamed of, or think it’s not ok for a child to go because it is. I think you should start early if your child has problems.

Archie went again on Tuesday and he loved it. I think it’s just so good for him to go and express his feelings to someone else. They’ve given him an exercise at home, if he has any worries he has to write them down and put them in a bag, once he’s put them in a bag they disappear forever. 

It’s just really nice, he’s been really different, it’s been a lot better for me with him this week, so he’s getting there. Im glad he’s so open to going as well because some kids would probably say no or get a bit nervous, but Archie is actually really up for it and really enjoys going.

Danielle Lloyd, MIchael O'Neill and her three boys are excited for the new arrival to comeMy eldest son Archie [right] has been going to counselling [Danielle Lloyd]

Who does my baby look like?

As my due date gets closer, all I can think about it who the baby is going to look like.

That’s all anyone keeps saying, all my friends keep texting me asking when the baby is coming out too, we all need to see him.

I think he’s going to look like Michael, because in the previous scan he looked like a little Michael!

Danielle Lloyd weddingI think the baby will look like my fiancé Michael [Danielle Lloyd]

Birthing partners

Alongside Michael, I’m hoping that my mum will be here, I know she’d really like to be at the birth.

They’ve changed the rules now, where you can have more than two people in there, so I have said to Michael’s mum and sister if they want to come they’re more than welcome, but we’ll see.

You can never guess what’s going to happen, because you never know what sort of time you’re going to go into labour and whether or not the people are going to be around. I’m sure once he’s here everyone will be over to see him.

Danielle Lloyd baby bumpI'm hoping to have Michael and my mum with me when I give birth [Danielle Lloyd]

Introducing the boys to the baby

I’m not sure what we’re going to do yet, I really like the way my brother showed my nephew Harry to his sister Arabella, it was nice to have it on film and be able to see it, so maybe I would like to do something like that.

I would like to film it like my brother did with his daughter, Arabella, but when he’s actually here it might not happen that way, the boys might actually be in the hospital when he arrives, we’ll have to just see what happens.

You always make plans and they never go right anyway!

Danielle Lloyd has decided on a name for her fourth boy but is waiting for his arrival to announce itWe haven't decided how we're going to introduce the boys to the baby yet [Danielle Lloyd]

Lipstick range

I started my makeup brand – Designed For Love – last year with the makeup brushes, my mum and I started it off as a business venture and obviously now I’ve moved into the lipsticks and hopefully I’ll be able to expand into lip liners and eyelashes later on.

The lipsticks will launch next week, but I did the photoshoot yesterday, they’re just really good lipsticks. I know I’ve got to say that because they’re mine but they just stay on really well, you can wear them all day and they don’t smudge on anything, so they’re quite long lasting.

I do literally everything behind the scenes, it’s just me and my mum, so all the makeup is hypo-allergenic as my mum is really sensitive, she has the worst skin so we test everything on her. Literally, if you put anything on her face it blows up straight away, but she said the lipstick is amazing. We’re really pleased with them.

My lipstick will be available next week [Danielle Lloyd]

Getting ready for baby

We've been preparing a lot this week with new furniture and clothes for the baby.

This beautiful three piece set from from BabyStyle arrived this week, we chose the Hollie set in fresh white as the nursery is white and greys stars!

I also got one of the Sleepyheads after Binky Felstead raved about it, I've been meaning to get once as apparently they are amazing to help the baby sleep.

We also got some sleep pods and a dog toy which plays heart beats and has a waterfall setting to help the baby sleep from Cheeky Rascals, with all this stuff he'll be sleeping through the night in no time!

He's got so many clothes now his wardrobe is more stylish than mine! One of my favourite picks is this Levi's Blue Washed Trucker Jacket from Alex and Alexa.

I love this three piece set[BabyStyle]
My baby boy is more stylish than me already [Alex and Alexa]

That’s all this week,

Lots of love Danielle and bump xXx

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