Lauren Goodger's gym admission baffles fans: 'Please explain the logic behind this exercise'


LAUREN Goodger is a huge fan of gym selfies and workout videos.

[undefined]Lauren Goodger is a huge fan of showing off her bum [Lauren Goodger/Instagram]

The Only Way Is Essex star regularly takes to Instagram to share the results of her exercises.

But her latest gym admission has left fans absolutely baffled as to what she's actually doing.

Sharing a clip of her bum on social media, Lauren wrote: "I've lost my curve through Dec and now Jan I'm going smash it! #watchthisspace #fatgonecurvey #respect #today #2ndJan #bodyconfidentwithLG #yeezys #posevid #weightsdrop #likeitsshawt."

However, fans seemed confused by the exercise itself, with many people pointing out she was training her arms and not her bum.

[undefined]Lauren Goodger reveals unusual bum exercise [Lauren Goodger/Instagram]

Commenting, one social media user wrote: "What in the name are you trying to train here? Lol."

Another added: "Also, why is the video of your ass when you're working out your arms?"

Tuesday, January 03, 2017

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Gemma Collins shows off her weight transformation after enjoying a gym session in her work out onesie [Gemma Collins/Instagram]

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"Very confused indeed, I think this lady need to come and see me so can explain how to do lat pull downs properly," explained one gym goer.

While one simply wrote: "Please explain the logic behind this exercise."

[undefined]Lauren Goodger likes to show off her body [Lauren Goodger/Instagram]

However, others seemed to understand perfectly, with one writing: "Using her core, ass and thigh muscles while trying to balance and of course arms."

And others revealed they were envious of Lauren's figure: "Wow! Hun you look incredible!! Don't loose too much curves! Xxx."

"Lauren I would LOVE a body like yours... it's fabulous!! Do you have any info about what main exercises you do etc?? I'd love some advice," another added.

However, if you're not sure about Lauren's exercises, Virgin Active expert Ian Rushbury advises that for the bum it's all about the squats.

[undefined]Lauren Goodger has an incredible figure [Lauren Goodger/Instagram]
[undefined]Lauren Goodger always takes gym selfies [Lauren Goodger/Instagram]

He told us: "If you want the best bum around, squats are a brilliant exercise to master.

"Stand with feet shoulder-width apart and slowly bend your knees, lowering your body. Squat down as low as you can, keeping your head and chest high and shoulders relaxed.

"Hold for a second and then straighten legs to stand up. Try to do three sets of fifteen reps. ATG – ass to grass – i.e. get as low to the ground as you can!"

Go on girl!

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