Asda respond to desperate parents after selling 8,000 unicorns in six days as £30 plush toy becomes most popular item ever


Asda giant unicorn sends parents into meltdownAsda giant unicorn sends parents into meltdown [Asda]

The popular supermarket are selling giant plush toys, ranging up to 1.3 metres tall, and parents are desperate to get their hands on them in time for Christmas, with the huge Kid Connection Blue Laying Unicorn becoming a favourite.

The super-soft toy is suitable for children ages one and above, and is part of a soft toy collection including giant elephants, teddy bears and penguins, all ranging from just below 1 metre to 130cm.

However, following rave reviews, the unicorns have been swept off the shelves just in time for the festive period and the Kid Connection Blue Laying Unicorn is no longer available online.

One customer wrote: "Good quality value can't wait for my daughter to see it Christmas Day she will love it also got the monkey teddy too for her twin brother."

The Asda giant unicorn toy sold out immediatelyThe Asda giant unicorn toy sold out immediately [Asda]

Another added: "I bought this for Christmas for our Granddaughter. I had previously tried to purchase this item but it went out of stock really quickly. Not surprised, it's such good value for money, and I am sure Gracie will love it when she opens it on Christmas morning. Love Asda."

So OK! Online got in touch with Asda to find out whether the unicorns are going to be restocked and how and where to get them.

ASDA launches an amazing children's toy unicorn for juts £30 and parents can't wait to get their hands on it  [ASDA ]

The Asda giant unicorn toy sold out immediately

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Speaking exclusively to us, a spokesperson revealed just how popular the unicorns have been.

They said: "George have sold 8,000 unicorns in the last six days. Unicorns have been growing in popularity over the last couple of years, and they are extremely popular due their giant size and the great value for money they offer for the customer."

The Asda giant unicorn toy also comes in pink as well as other charactersThe Asda giant unicorn toy also comes in pink as well as other characters [Asda]

So how can you get your hands on one? Asda explained the unicorns are no longer available online but can be bought in store.

Asda explained: "They are now only available in store, where they are being sold from foyer and causing quite a stir with customers!"

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