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Woman’s Rant About Her Husband’s Fantasy Football Team Is Comedy Gold


Just like any couple, Carey Reilly and her husband, John Leone, don’t see eye-to-eye on everything. “He doesn’t understand my need to be on time or why I stress out about the cleaning the house before company comes,” the New Jersey-based Not So Skinny Mom blogger tells Us Weekly. And she doesn’t get his obsession with fantasy football.

“I’ve been noticing that my husband is very distracted lately,” she began in a video posted to her Facebook page on Wednesday, September 6. “We’re at my son’s soccer game, he has his head in his phone. He’s got the laptop open he’s working on it . . . He’s drafting his fantasy football team!”

The mom of Ava, 2, and John Michael, 9, then began to talk out her own drafted fantasy team, which would include two cleaning ladies, a chef, a tutor for the children, a driver and two nannies. “Then I’d just kind of want somebody to fold my clothes . . . but I’m not saying because it’s fantasy,” Reilly raved.

And while Leone’s hobby drives Reilly crazy, she does see a silver lining. “He’s having brain time with his new fantasy friends,” she noted in the video. “And it’s better than him slippin some dollar bills into Destiny’s bikini bottoms.”Viral Stars of 2016 Carey Reilly and her husbandCarey Reilly and her husband Courtesy of Carey Reilly Just Like Us: Celebrity Moms

Reilly, who hosts talk show The Daily Glow, isn’t surprised her clip is striking a chord with many women. “Men love to compete. Now they’ve finally found a way to do it while half asleep on the couch. And it’s driving all moms crazy because we have stuff to get done!” she tells Us. “Our to-do list is never done. Playing anything in a fantasy world is ridiculous to most mothers. We don’t have time for fantasy, we are living int he real world and if we don’t make these lunches for our children they are going to starve. Fantasy that!”

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