Azealia Banks Attacks Sia After The Songstress Calls Her Out For Slaughtering Chickens!


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Just when you thought this situation couldn't get any more icky…

As we previously reported, Azealia Banks caused shockwaves after she shared a video depicting the carnage of three years worth of slaughtered chickens. The disturbingly casual vid depicted Banks sandblasting a room in her house where she performed the kills.

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Naturally, the display disgusted many people… including Sia.

Shortly after the video was shared, the singer shared this admonishing tweet:

Well, the star does have some valid points…

As you'd expect, Azealia lost her sh*t once she saw the tweet. Not only did the rapper critique the songstress' looks, but she also brought race into the equation.

Check out the controversial celeb's now deleted posts (below)!

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Yikes! When the New York native goes off she REALLY goes off.

Following the rant, Banks posted a message saying she's going to stop "apologizing":

So, whose side are YOU on?

[Image via WENN/PBI/Alberto Reyes]

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