This Mom Gifted Her Teenage Daughter a Cup Holder That Looks Like a Dildo


Shelby Donovan unwrapped an unusual package on Christmas Eve. “MY MOM HANDED ME A GIFT SO I OPENED IT AND SCREAMED REALLY LOUD BECAUSE I THOUGHT SHE GOT ME A DILDO BUT IT’S REALLY JUST A YETI CUP HOLDER,” the 18-year-old from New Orleans tweeted on December 24. As evidence, Donovan uploaded a photo of the hot pink gift, which bears a striking resemblance to a ribbed sex toy. In six days the image has been retweeted more than 80,000 times. “Anything can be a dildo if u are brave enough,” quipped one person, while another informed Donovan: “Hi, I’m a professional sex toy designer, and that is definitely a dildo.”Kerry Roberts and Shelby DonovanKerry Roberts and Shelby Donovan Courtesy of Shelby Donovan

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“I couldn’t help but to find it funny, but also mortifying,” Donovan tells Us Weekly. “My grandma is the coolest person I’ve ever met. She was like, '"Business in the morning, fun at night.’”

At first, Donovan’s mother, Kerri Roberts, had no idea why the family was laughing. “I held the gift upside down, and then finally she realized what was going on,” says Donovan. “She was like, ‘What do you think I’d get you a dildo for Christmas?’”Kerry Roberts and Shelby DonovanKerry Roberts and Shelby Donovan Courtesy of Shelby Donovan

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The freshman at Florida State University had asked for coffee and tea for Christmas to help curb her spending at Starbucks. “My school has about three Starbucks on campus, which is extremely dangerous for someone like me,” Donovan explains. But Roberts, a nurse, decided to throw in something extra: a $10 Yeti cup holder she found on Amazon to fit her daughter’s travel thermos.

Says Donovan: “I have only used it in the house because I’m worried about what the general public might think!”

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