Meghan Markle’s Director Says Her Relationship with Prince Harry ‘Makes Sense’


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Prince Harry’s leading lady Meghan Markle could front any movie, the director of one of her latest roles says.

Her TV background, from working on Suits, means she is someone who “hits their marks all the time, never fluffs a line and gets a script straight away,” Anti-Social director Reg Traviss tells PEOPLE.

“She’s a very good actress — very, very professional and really well-trained. She can definitely lead a film – be it in an independent film like I work in or a Hollywood film — there’s no two ways about that. ”

In Anti-Social, Markle plays a model named Kirsten who’s living and working in London. There, she meets a graffiti artist named Dee, played by Gregg Sulkin, whose brother is in a gang of jewel thieves. “Sulkin’s character is aware of it, complicit in it. Meghan Markle is a fish out of water, an American girl in London,” Traviss says.

In the third act, the “emphasis is on her as she works out really what has been going on. It is a serious situation – which way will she will go, grass them up or go along with it and risk everything?” he says.

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The film was shot in 2013-2014 – long before Harry met Meghan. And while Traviss was surprised to read they were dating, he was also aware of something they have in common — that she is committed to charity work. “I thought that sort of makes sense,” he tells PEOPLE.

“It struck me at the time that she is an actress but her passion is charity, that kind of stuff.”

She is also very at home in the U.K. capital, he adds. “From what I can gather she knows a lot of people in London.”

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Traviss, who was the boyfriend of singer Amy Winehouse when she died in 2011, denies claims that the film was re-cut to capitalize on the publicity of Markle’s romance with Harry. He actually planned the re-cut for international audiences and the TV market months earlier and says that to have done all of the work within weeks of finding out about her new status would be a “physical impossibility in every respect.”

He quips, “I wouldn’t working in the film industry I would be working at NASA.”

In fact, he adds, “Meghan’s character has less scenes in this version. They all have because we cut it down, made it more genre specific as a gang-related movie and certain scenes had to come out.”

Anti-Social is available on VOD.

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