These Amazing Animal Transformations Will Inspire You to Work on a ‘New You’ in the New Year


Some may say it’s a cliché, but “New Year, New You” is a phrase for a reason. Many feel the urge to shed the disappointment and unhealthy behaviors of the past year and start anew in January. This can mean a lot of things: a gym membership, exiting toxic relationships, being kinder to yourself and so on.

If you are among the millions who have #goals for 2017 and personal improvement, then take a moment to check out these inspiring animals. Not only will looking at cute critters put you in a better mood, but these sweeties are bound to add an extra boost to your determination.

Lazarus the Very Hairy Dog

Lazarus lost some major poundage in 2016, but not in the way one might expect. The dog was neglected by his severely ill owners, which led to minimal grooming sessions. Over time, Lazarus accumulated fur, ending up with a huge, matted coat. When rescuers shaved all the extra fur off, Lazarus was a whole new dog, dropping an astounding 35 pounds in fur weight.

Baby Goat Does First Happy Dance

Pockets was born without hooves, but he hasn’t let that stop him from enjoying life. Inspired by his will to live, Goats of Anarchy, a rescue in New Jersey, took in Pockets and set to work on giving the baby goat what he didn’t have. This year, Pockets was outfitted with prosthetics for his missing hooves, an addition that has allowed him to experience and do more, like breaking out his first happy dance.

From Ill and Abandoned to Happy and Healthy

A weight was lifted from Henry in 2016, both physically and emotionally. The 8-year-old golden retriever was found abandoned in Newport Beach, California, with a 46-pound tumor in his belly. Rescuers brought Henry to a vet, where the unbelievably large mass was safely removed. The surgery not only saved Henry’s life, but allowed him to walk freely once again. Literally back on his paws, the dog has now found a forever home.

Hurricane Survivor Gets Adorable Makeover 


One of the littlest survivors of Hurricane Matthew was a tiny kitten. The baby cat got caught in the heavy, dangerous rains of the North Carolina hurricane and was brought to a PetSmart’s Banfield Pet Hospital by a concerned citizen. Vets cared for the little kitty, and made sure she was dry, healthy and fashionable. One of the employees at the animal hospital outfitted the kitten in a sweater made out of a tube sock, a clothing item which helped her look her best for the family that adopted her soon after.

Dog Found Caged and Alone Gets Loving Forever Home 

It’s a before and after transformation that is both shocking and heartwarming. Larry was not well cared for by his owners, and sadly left to live his life alone in a tiny cage. This devastating lifestyle caused Larry to get worms, infections and a filthy coat. PETA rescued the dog from these conditions and started giving him massive doses of TLC. After medical treatment and plenty of love, Larry’s true personality broke through, which won over his new mom, one of his PETA rescuers.

Hidey the No Longer Matted Cat 

Western PA Humane Society

Hidey was discovered, hiding of course, in the home of a senior citizen who had recently moved into a nursing home. The cat’s elderly owner was unable to properly care for Hidey, which led to the animal’s fur growing out of control. The long-haired cat’s coat had turned into a massive pile of dirty dreads. A quick trip to the vet helped 14-year-old Hidey lose the two pounds of extra fur and get a new start on life. She is now living in a new forever home where she is groomed and thriving.

Cola Is Back on Her Feet

Cola experienced the unthinkable in 2016. Her owner’s neighbor attacked her, cutting off her front legs with a sword. Soi Dogs stepped in to help Cola recover from this horrible incident. After months of dedicated work from the Soi Dogs team and Cola, the injured pup was able to walk again with help from prosthetics and personal training. The special needs sweetie now lives with one of the founders of Soi Dogs, who is an amputee himself.

Dogs Get Their Day in the Spa

Mark Imhof helped make 2016 a winning year for dozens of dogs, offering free makeovers to shelter dogs. Pups who come in to the Animal Care Centers of New York City dirty and neglected go to Imhof, who passionately pampers and primps them pro bono. Since the dogs leave the groomer looking their best, it often doesn’t take long before they leave the shelter to live in their forever home.

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