Lone Female Candidate for Maryland Governor Breastfeeds in Campaign Ad


There is some serious mom power coming for the 2018 elections.

For the second time this election year, a gubernatorial candidate is shown breastfeeding her daughter in her campaign ad. Wisconsin’s Kelda Roys was the first with her ad in early March, and Maryland’s Krish Vignarajah debuted her own spot on Wednesday where she nurses while talking about her goals for her home state.

Vignarajah is running to unseat Republican governor Larry Hogan, and says she would be the sole woman in government in Maryland if she won. She’s already the only female candidate in the race.

“There are no women in statewide or federal office in Maryland. None,” she says. “This isn’t just about representation, it’s about policy. States with women in government have better schools, better health care, lower incarceration rates. I want all of that for Maryland.”

Vignarajah’s resume is impressive — her family immigrated to Maryland when she was 9 months old, and after graduating from the state’s public school system, she earned her bachelor’s, master’s and law degrees at Yale and another graduate degree at Oxford. In the past few years, Vignarajah served as senior advisor at the State Department to Secretaries of State Hillary Clinton and John Kerry, and policy director for Michelle Obama.

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“My parents came to this country with $200, and I grew up to be the policy director for Michelle Obama,” Vignarajah says in the ad, while nursing her 9-month-old daughter Alana. “Some say no man can beat Larry Hogan. Well, I’m no man. I’m a mom, I’m a woman, and I want to be your next governor.”

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