Nestle Sued Over Raisinets (PHOTOS)



0104-nestle-raisinets-tmz-swiped-02As if the price of movie tickets isn't bad enough ... Nestle is out screwing patrons out of Raisinets ... at least according to a new lawsuit.

Sandy Hafer, an L.A. moviegoer, claims the boxes are only 60% full, and people don't know they're paying for a bunch of air. According to the suit, Nestle misleads movie theater customers into thinking they're getting a full box when 40% is nothing but "slack-fill" -- translated, the difference between the actual capacity of the box and the amount of candy inside.

Hafer cites FDA guidelines which call slack-fills "misleading." She claims she would never have plunked down her hard-earned cash had she known she wasn't getting a proper bang for her buck.

Hafer's class action seeks compensation for every California moviegoer who got screwed out of a full-blown sugar rush off the tasty chocolate treat.


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