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Teen Sex Video Leads To Child Porn Charges For Over 1,000 Facebook Users!


Teen Sex Video Leads To Child Porn Charges For Over 1,000 Facebook Users!
Teen Sex Video Leads To Child Porn Charges For Over 1,000 Facebook Users!

Over a thousand Facebook users were surprised this weekend to find they're facing charges of redistributing child pornography!

It all started when a video of two Danish teenagers having sex was shared on FB Messenger last year.

Facebook found the videos and alerted Denmark's National Cyber Crime Center which got in touch with U.S. and European authorities.

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A spokesman for Facebook explained the social media site has a "zero-tolerance approach to both non-consensual sharing of intimate images and child exploitation images":

"Our systems run in the background and automatically remove and report intimate content involving children to the National Centre for Missing and Exploited Children, who in turn will review and dispatch the relevant information to the right law enforcement agencies across the globe."

Ultimately it was discovered the two young people in the video were both only 15 years old. While their sexual congress was legal under Danish law, the distribution of a video of anyone under 18 is not.

So anyone who saw the video and shared it was in violation of child porn laws — 1,004 in total. Alleged offenders were notified via email of the charges and will be facing interrogation this week.

Those charged range in age from 15 to early-20s. Most shared the video once, but some shared it hundreds of times.

Inspector Lau Thygesen of Denmark's North Zealand Police said in a public statement that prosecutors would be looking at each case individually, and that sentences sought would range just an entry on the criminal record to being put on child protection registers for 10 years!

Be careful what you look at — and share — online!

[Image via Universal Pictures.]

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