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Maren Morris' 10 Best Songs: Critic's Picks


Maren Morris' 10 Best Songs: Critic's Picks
Maren Morris' 10 Best Songs: Critic's Picks

Since the 2016 release of “My Church,” Arlington, Texas, native Maren Morris has become both a commercial success and a darling of the critical world with her mix of thought-provoking lyrics and a fresh attitude-laden approach that has made her one of the fastest-rising country performers in the marketplace today.

In honor of the quick run she has made to the top,  we have taken a look at the award-winning artist’s breakthrough album, Hero, and 10 of its best songs. Now, longtime Morris fans will point out that there are other Morris songs out there -- between 2005 and 2011, she did release a trio of albums that garnered her some notoriety in the Lone Star State, but those albums are now extremely rare and not readily available -- at least not yet. So, let’s take a look at the growing Maren Morris song legacy and continue to watch her as she grows as a recording artist and a songwriter. 

10. “Sugar” – Marren Morris

Teaming with Brett Tyler and Laura Veltz, this lyrically potent track also gave the singer a chance to exert a strong sensual side, becoming a favorite among her growing fan following.

9. “Second Wind” – Marren Morris

Though Morris is a country artist, there is also a definite feel to this album cut that lends itself to a modern-day pop, Top 40 sound. The singer co-wrote the track with acclaimed songwriters Shane McAnally and Chris DeStefano.

8. “Drunk Girls Don’t Cry” – Marren Morris

Morris teamed with Barry Dean and Luke Laird to pen this track where a woman is warning her friend that leopards -- or in this case, a man who isn’t ready or deserving of a relationship with her -- don’t change their spots.

7. “80s Mercedes” – Marren Morris

A pair of conversations inspired the song that would become Morris' second single released by Columbia. The title was inspired by fellow performer Audra Mae, who uttered the phrase, sparking Morris’s creative process, thinking it might work as a song title. 

6. “How It’s Done” – Marren Morris

Morris started this powerful love song with Natalie Hemby with busbee coming in in the middle of the writing process. The song proved to be a winning vocal approach for the songstress, making for one of the highlights of Hero.

5. “I Wish I Was” – Marren Morris

Another co-write with Hemby, the soulful groove of this song can also be attributed to the contribution of the third writer listed on the track, Ryan Hurd. Of course, since then, the two have become engaged and are one of the most-followed young couples in the format. Morris’s vocal is particularly engaging on the track, as well as the soaring guitar work.

4. “I Could Use A Love Song” – Marren Morris

The current single from Morris is an exquisitely-written composition about a woman who has a somewhat cynical view of love - due to the emotional damage that it has had on her life over the course of time -- but, she still hasn’t given up hope that the special connection she has been searching for is still out there.

3. “Rich” – Marren Morris

To the casual listener, there is a little bit of humor on this endearing song from Hero about a woman who knows she would simply be better off if she made the break from her lover. But, at the same time -- a sign of her deep intelligence as a composer -- there is also more than just a little bit of truth in the lyrics about all the things she’d be doing now if she had a buck or so for every time she did some of the things she shouldn't be doing. 

2. “Just Another Thing” – Marren Morris

The song is a more gritty take on “Rich,” about a woman who compares a dead-end relationship to other bad habits that she knows she should be kicking. The guitar work on this song is almost equal to the singer’s passionate vocal performance -- as busbee knocked one out of the ballpark with his production here.

1. “My Church” – Marren Morris

Some seek their emotional and spiritual sanctuary inside the walls of a house of worship on Sunday morning. In this debut single for the singer on Columbia, the singer compares those feelings to what she feels like when she is driving down the highway listening to the songs that made her a fan -- therefore, inspiring her to become an artist in the first place. The pure passion and power of the song lifted Morris from simply being a “New Face To Watch” and turned her into an artist with instant critical acclaim, winning a pair of Grammy Awards for the song in the process. And if you remember her performance on last fall’s 50th Annual Country Music Association Awards, you will likely recall knowing a star was being born at that very moment.

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