'Expert Packer' Kim Kardashian Reveals Her Top Tips (Hint: Ziploc Bags, Lots of Ziploc Bags)


'Expert Packer' Kim Kardashian Reveals Her Top Tips (Hint: Ziploc Bags, Lots of Ziploc Bags)
'Expert Packer' Kim Kardashian Reveals Her Top Tips (Hint: Ziploc Bags, Lots of Ziploc Bags)

Whether it’s a casual road-trip through California or an under-the-radar escape to Japan, Kim Kardashian West always takes ample time to prepare for a vacation.

“After so many years of traveling, I’ve become an expert packer,” the Keeping Up with the Kardashians star, 36, writes in a new post on her app. Her biggest piece of advice for a novice jet-setter: proper planning is key.

“Plan your outfits ahead of time so you know exactly what you’ll wear during the trip,” she says. “I always decide on my outfits before I leave, so I know what I’m wearing for each day and night. I also put Post-It notes on my outfits to label, which shoes and accessories go with what look. It keeps everything so organized.”

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Kardashian West also suggests keeping clothes on hangers in garment bags for effortless unpacking. “You just hang the clothes right up!” she notes.

She’s also a big proponent of list making, so no detail gets overlooked. “For my carry-on bag, I have a list of things I always take with me, like my silk pillowcase and Barefoot Dreams blanket,” she says. “Depending on where I’m going and what I’m doing, I’ll make a list of everything I need and what events I’m going to.”

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Her final word of advice is a good reminder that preventative measures can save you from some sticky situations down the line.

“I put everything in bags! Shoes go in shoe bags to protect the rest of my clothes,” she explains. “I also use Ziploc bags for toiletries, so products don’t ruin my clothes if something breaks. I keep all of my makeup in little pouches, too.”

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